Sea Kayaking Wales
Sea Kayaking Wales
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About The Sea Kayaking Wales Community

Welcome to our vibrant community of sea kayakers and coaches! We are passionate about bringing together like-minded individuals who share a love for kayaking and a desire for personal growth and exploration. Whether you are a seasoned kayaker or a beginner looking to learn, our community offers a range of course, expedition, and retreat opportunities that cater to all skill levels.

One of the main objectives of our community is to provide a platform for fellow adventurers to connect and forge lifelong friendships. We believe that the bonds formed through shared experiences in the great outdoors are powerful and enduring. By joining our community, you will have the chance to meet and connect with a diverse group of individuals who are as passionate about kayaking as you are.

Our community is dedicated to constantly exploring new coastal destinations, as we believe that the world is a treasure trove of hidden wonders waiting to be discovered. Through our organised expeditions, you will have the opportunity to paddle through breathtaking coastlines, discovering the beauty and diversity of our planet's natural landscapes.